Skills Center Services

Skills Center Services

Makeup Testing

As a convenience to students, instructors of on-campus, hybrid, or online courses may arrange to have the Skills Center staff administer their make-up exams.

Self-referral Students

Any Fullerton College student is welcome to use Skills Center materials for his or her personal skill development. Staff will gladly assist with equipment and material choices.

Textbook Readability

On request, the Skills Center staff will analyze the readability levels of any instructor's current instructional materials.

Learning Styles Inventory

This program allows students to evaluate their preferred learning methods then prescribes ideal learning modalities. Instructors may also compare their preferred teaching styles with their class’ preferred learning styles.

Directed Learning Activities

Skills Center staff will work with any instructor to design special assignments or other academic skill development activities for students.

Community Members

Skills Center materials are available to community members who obtain a student ID number from the School of Continuing Education and enroll in a no-cost course “Improving Individual Skills.”